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An Episodic Dark Stoner Comedy.

The Sound of Revenge gets all Mixed up.

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What is 'The Soundguy'

'The Soundguy' is an 8 episode dark comedy series. Technically this website is an online 'T.V. Bible' with all the info including the cast, crew, characters, loglines, synopsis, and more.


The Pilot Episode (ep1) will be available for Rent on 11/11/2023. It was shot entirely in Arizona and it just finished its Festival run. The following episodes (ep2-8) are all written and ready to be shot!


Renting Episode 1, Buying a DVD (coming soon), Buying a Poster, and/or Donating all help us continue the series and shoot the next episode. Every single penny goes back into the production.


As we self fund this production, we will resume pitch and investor meetings. In the meantime, you can find everything here!

 You can Support by simply buying a Limited Edition Poster which  helps us shoot Episode 2


Want to Support the project? Buy an Official Poster! Only 250 made!

How you can help...

The best way you can help is by financially backing our project with a 'Pledge' or by simply buying a Poster!


$25 or more:

An Exclusive Poster 

Only 250 of the Official Poster will be made, all numbered. Order now to get this Exclusive "The Soundguy" Offer! Every penny from these 18x24 posters goes back into theproject. Thanks for all the support! 

To order, simply Email us at and we will get all your information to send it out. We have several different payment options including cash/check, just let us know in the email.


Or just click the 'Venmo' or 'Donate' Button>>>>>>

You can also share "The Soundguy" webpage with friends, family, co-workers - anyone interested in being a part of our project. Especially if you have a rich uncle lol! You can share this page on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social network. Sharing is as important as financially backing the project, and everything helps, even if it's in person! 

Become an Executive Producer

$800 or more:

An Exclusive Signed Poster, IMDB Credit, and be considered an Official Producer on the project! 

Email us at

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