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The Crew

Who We Are

Keith J. Obit

Creator & Writer/Director

After acting in several National & Local Commercials, Short & Feature Films, Episodic Television, & True-Crime Dramas, Keith is making his Directorial Debut off of a pilot script he wrote. 


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Justin Bird

Assistanat Director/Executive Producer

Justin has worked in the Arizona Film Community for several years wearing all the hats a set can offer. He is always the MVP and the project is lucky to have him.


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Scott Levesque

Director of Photography

Scott has worked in the film industry for 6 years. He has worked on projects such as "The Spanking", "Forever Home", "Mortality's Fixation", "Finding Happy" and high end Commercials for the corporate world.


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Mike Schmid


Mike Schmid has been shred master for decades, playing in multiple bands throughout the years, most notably in Phoenix. Not only did he write the original music for "Bobby Buttrock" and his band, but he will be the main composer of the entire episode. 


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Andrew Tougas

Chief Lighting Technician

(Days 1,2,3)

Andrew spent several years working for AZTV while getting on as many Commercial and Feature Film sets as possible. His Love & Passion for Filmmaking is Contagious.

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Kenny Mitchell

Sound Recordist

Kenny has been a Sound Recordist for several years for Films, Commercials, Music Videos etc.

That includes Recording, Mixing, and Editing Sound on set and in Post production


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Hunter Goetz

Assistant Camera

Hunter GOETZ, 25, is known for working as a first assistant camera on multiple television, film, and commercial productions. Hunter loves science fiction and spends his free time collecting foreign and restored films.


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Madicyn Reid

Hair & Make-up

Madicyn Reid is a certified Make-Up Artist and Owner of the Vanity Rabbit, a Fashion & Beauty firm. Madicyn has been doing commercial make-up since 2014 when she graduated from Maxima Make-Up Artistry. She has been privileged to work with Lindsay Adler, Steve Wozniak, and Ben Giroux. She currently lives in Fountain Hills with her two young children.


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Bernie Tarin

Chief Lighting Tecnician

(Days 4,5,6,7,8)

Bernie attended Scottsdale’s School of Film + Theater where he studied cinematography, lighting techniques, film theory, history of film, story theory, and motion picture production. He quickly shifted his efforts towards filmmaking and landed many supporting roles in motion picture productions, producing/directing music videos and commercials. Since then he has been working on films as a director of photography for Anti Corona Virus (2020), House of Quarantine (2020), Instant Karma (2021), Reflect (2022), Woman in the Maze (2022 Pre-production), and directing his first feature film Saints among the Dead (2022 Pre-production).


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Kyle Einar Larson

Script Supervisor

Kyle studied Film at Scottsdale Community College and has been working on as many sets as he can ever since. Starting as a P.A. for "The Soundguy", he was quickly promoted to Script Supervisor and is a huge asset to Obitwan Studios and everyone on the team. 


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Dustin Hambrick


Dustin works as a Ninja in the background capturing all the Behind the Scenes moments that will eventually be edited into a cool documentary with cast/crew interviews inclduded. He has all the experience needed and his gear is top notch. I highly recommend Dustin on your set! 


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Alan Perez


Alen Perez graduated from Film School and is the owner of Unidentified Film Productions. 



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