Set during present time in Phoenix, AZ, explore the world of a live sound guy. Long nights, overworked, underpaid, underappreciated, and constantly disrespected. “The Soundguy” is a dark comedy about the inner workings of doing live sound at a dive Metal bar.

"The Sound of Revenge gets all Mixed up"


Metalheads  isn't your typical dive bar. 

Intended for the local Phoenix Metal fan, the bar has seen its days. On the brink of collapse, owner Moe struggles to keep business open. His employees and 2 “Soundguys” remain loyal. 

Little do they know, Legendary 80s performer "Bobby Buttrock" will literally ROCK all of their worlds.  


The series is a dark comedy about the inside world of a sound guy, taking place in a shitty metal bar called “Metalheads”. 

It will have the shooting style of “Louie” and “Eastbound and Down”. The visual style is shown in the pics tp the right. 

The score will be contained of custom guitar metal riffs that fit each particular situation. Shredding, sweeping, palm muting, fast, slow, heavy, chunky, pick scrapes, volume swells, whatever is necessary. Occasionally, underground metal songs will be used.