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The Cast

Starring: Cliff Williams, Rich Fourmy, Bill Wetherill, Reavis Dorsey, Becky Jo Harris, Jay Alfonso Lopez, Bryan McClay, Keith Obit and Tony Noyes

Cliff Williams

Lord C.L. Williams has been acting in the Valley of the Sun since late 2014, when he and his twin brother were talked into auditioning for the Southwest Shakespeare Company’s educational touring production of “Comedy of Errors”. Cliff was instantly hooked and has enjoyed a busy stage life ever since, performing in multiple productions a year until it was brought to a heart-wrenching halt in 2020 by the pandemic. Although no audiences would ever see it, he considers his most  important role as Chris in the classic “All My Sons” at Stage Left Productions in Sun City, Arizona. 
On film, Cliff can be seen in the Feature “Mercy”, and the short film “Shadow Valley”, both available on Amazon Prime. He also played the lead role in a short video called “Sodaworks!” which won Best Comedy in Rode Microphones yearly film competition, My Rode Reel. 

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MOE, Rich Fourmy

Rich Fourmy is the lead vocalist of the Legendary Phoenix Metal Band “Pelvic Meatloaf” and has been a staple in the music scene for over 30 years. He is also the Founder of “Metalheads Motorcycle Club”. After making his acting debut in the Feature Film “Late Fees”, he was cast as the club owner “Moe” in “The Soundguy”

SOUNDGUY STEVE, Bill Wetherill

Bill is a multiple award winning Actor, Writer, and Director. He received a BFA at ASU and completed a 2 year Meisner course with Kevin Phipps at the Artist Box. Known for “Kindness Matters”, “A Time for Heaven”, “Love Me”, and “Durant’s Never Closes”, which can all be found on Amazon Prime. As a Writer, Director, and Producer, his production company Resonant Films has put out the multiple award winning short films “SHK”, 
“Conundrum”, and “Bleaker Street”. 

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REAVIS, Reavis Dorsey

After moving to Phoenix from Omaha, Nebraska in 2006, Reavis was cast in his 1st audition for the Feature Film “Bog Something” in 2011. From there he continued to star in various Short & Feature films in AZ. Most his projects can be found across all streaming platforms including co-starring with Eric Roberts in 
“Top Gunner” on Amazon Prime. 

BRIE, Becky Jo Harris

Becky Jo Harris is an award winning actress, voice over artist, and comedian. After graduating from Arizona State University with two Bachelors, she continued her education theatrical and commercial acting, voice over, and improvisation at the Groundlings in L.A.

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JESUS, Jay Alfonso Lopez

Jay Alfonso Lopez is an actor known for “Expo”, “Badland Doves” and “Sour”. He can been seen in several Arizona Film projects including Short films, Feature films, and Commercials. 


Growing up in a musical family, Tony began singing and performing at a very young age, jumping into various rock and metal projects ever since. Not only does he produce his own music, but he is also a model, filmmaker, graphic designer, and family man.

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BRYAN, Bryan McClay

Bryan can be found weekly on his 2 podcasts, “Tales from the Flipside” and “The Bogcast”. An avid Comic Book Collector and Seller, he made his acting debut in the Feature Film “Late Fees” and has been working on Keith’s projects ever since. 

KEITH, Keith Obit

Keith has appeared in all sorts of different Local and National Commercials. Eventually he made his way into Short & Feature Films as well as several True Crime Documentaries. This includes Far Cry 5, Arizona Lottery, Cold Case Files, People Magazine Investigates, Buried in the Backyard and much more.