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The Characters

Starring: Cliff Williams, Rich Fourmy, Bill Wetherill, Reavis Dorsey, Becky Jo Harris, Jay Alfonso Lopez, Bryan McClay, and Tony Noyes

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Cliff "The Soundguy"

Cliff is the lead sound guy at Metalheads. His primary narrative in the beginning of season one is an archetypal broke, struggling sound guy. He has been dissatisfied with his life but doesn’t know how to change it either. 

However, when a Legendary 80s 
performer "Bobby Buttrock" decides to play at Metalheads, his whole world gets flipped upside down.


Struggling to make the right decisions, he is led down a path he had always hope for... or does he?

Played by Cliff Williams


Moe has owned Metalheads for over 30 years.
His gambling & Sex addiction has ran the club into the ground.


Moe 's ways and attitude are completely stuck in the 80s/90s. He has no filter and does not care about PC culture. 

All Moe really cares about is drinking, chain-smoking, gambling online, and getting laid. 

Played by Rich Fourmy

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Soundguy Steve

Steve has been a soundguy for over 30 years for almost every major worldwide band, at least, so he says.

Having worked at the dive bar Metalheads for the last few years, Steve still manages to do live sound despite having severe hearing loss. He rocks 2 very large hearing aids. 

Steve takes advantage of the free drinks Metalheads offers him, coming in on his nights off to get wasted and critique the sound of his arch nemesis...Cliff. 

Played by Bill Wetherill

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Bobby Buttrock

Bobby Buttrock IS Buttrock.

He has been relevant for over 25 years, making a huge splash in the 80s and having a cult following ever since.  

After losing his twin brother while on tour, he longs for that "Small Club Vibe"  he had in his early days. Taking a break from selling out 20,000+ seat arenas, he decides to play at Metalheads. 

Played by Tony Noyes


Reavis is the Head of Security at the dive bar Metalheads.  

He is very good at his job, although the lack of patrons the last few years has him nothing to secure. 

Reavis has a unique bond with every character and is very well respected. The owner Moe relies on him a little too much. 

Played by Reavis Dorsey

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Brie is a waitress at Metalheads. 

In her early 20s and pregnant, she constantly paces back and forth waiting for patrons as she creates HUGE mushroom clouds from her vape pen. 

Brie is clearly addicted to Adderall aka Diet Coke. 
She is also vegan, very PC, and her pronouns are she/her. 

Played by Becky J Harris

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Jesus is the main bar-back at Metalheads. 

Despite the low patrons, Jesus works his ass off, harder than any other employee at the club. 

Only speaking Spanish, the Metalheads crew has a hard time communicating with him. At times, Brie is the only person that can understand him. 

Little does everyone know, he speaks perfect English. 

Played by Jay Alfonso Lopez



Bryan lives with Keith at the ultimate Stoner Man-Cave and is also very good friends with Cliff. 

Addicted to Comic Books, World of Warcraft, Squirt Soda, and Jelly Beans, he offers good life advice to Cliff...at times.  

He also has a Traveling Third Nipple. 


Played by Bryan McClay


Bryan McClay